“Bnai Zion” Medical Center

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The Bnai Zion Medical Center has a long, proud history of service to the People of Israel. For almost 100 years, the hospital has served all the people of Haifa and Northern Israel, without regard to religion, gender or ethnicity.
The hospital and its reputation is built on the dedication and caring attitude of its 1,800 employees. It is what I like to call, “The Spirit of Bnai Zion,” intangible qualities that set the medical center apart from other hospitals. In Hebrew, it’s “Ha-ruach Bnai Zion.”

Today the medical center boasts 450 beds, with thirteen institutions and laboratories. More than 65,000 people visit our Emergency Room every year, and in excess of 14,000 surgeries are performed.

Over 3,500 babies are born at the hospital, because it is considered, by their mothers, as one of the premier medical facilities in all Israel. Our doctors are respected around the world for the development of groundbreaking treatments for a number of critical medical conditions and our research and development continue to change the world.



The Bnai Zion Medical Center, established in 1922 as the first Jewish hospital in Haifa provides dedicated medical care, education, research and services to the diverse and growing population of Northern Israel.
In a recent national newspaper survey, Bnai Zion Medical Center was voted number one in Northern Israel.

Some Numbers….
A general hospital with 450 beds
Average of 142,000 visits per year to 65 hospital-based clinics
More than 65,000 visits to the Emergency Room annually
14,000 surgeries per year
3,500 deliveries per year
1,800 employees

The Bnai Zion Medical Center, a municipal-governmental hospital, provides excellent medical care combined with a warm and caring touch. There is a great deal of attention to rehabilitation services including orthopedic, neurological, cardio, physical therapy and occupational therapy. This is the only hospital in Northern Israel with a comprehensive rehabilitation program.

When Every Second Counts
The hospital is in a constant state of readiness, and at any moment is prepared to receive victims of terrorist attacks. At times of national emergency, the entire medical center shifts into crisis mode, and within moments of the attack receives the severely wounded victims, all of whom are in critical need of trauma care.

A Microcosm of Tomorrow’s World
The staff and patients of the Bnai Zion Medical Center reflect the diverse population of Northern Israel. Christian and Muslim Arabs, Druze and Jewish physicians and staff work together every day as a unified team bringing the absolute best medical care to every patient who enters the hospital, regardless of beliefs or background.

A Special Honor
Due to the medical center’s high standards and the excellence of its service and staff, the state of Israel has designated it an official military hospital, serving the medical needs of soldiers in the region. During and since the Second Lebanon War (2006), the hospital has treated civilians, and provided ongoing rehabilitation services to servicemen and women who were wounded in the line of duty.

Academic Involvement
Bnai Zion Medical Center is affiliated with The Ruth and Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine at the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) and serves as a teaching hospital for its students. Many of our department heads and senior physicians are on the faculty and are associated with its varied and wide-ranging medical research initiatives. The hospital also operates one of Israel’s oldest schools of nursing, offering an academic degree in this field.