Application Guidelines

1. Application

The form must be completed and submitted online around 4 months prior to the requested start time.
Applications must include:

  1. Original Grade transcript
  2. Current CV/Resume
  3. Letter of interest for a clinical elective at the Technion.
  4. Letters of recommendation from TWO home faculty members.
  5. Verification of immunization (found on the website)
  6. Verification of health insurance

2. Fees

  1. The application requires a 50 USD processing fee that must be paid by credit card when applying online.
  2.  We charge an elective fee of 50 USD per week. Payment of such fee must be fully paid online after you are accepted to the program and prior to your arrival.
  3. **NOTE- there is a minimum elective fee of 200 USD.

3. Health and Accident Insurance

  1. All visiting students must be covered by personal and health insurance. Our school does not provide coverage for students. Copies of insurance policies must be submitted online prior to the commencement of elective. Each student must present a hard copy of his/her health insurance and professional liability upon arrival in Haifa. A student without such documents will not be accepted to the hospital. 
  2. Insurance must be arranged prior to the arrival at the Technion either through an agent in the home country/state or a local agent working with the Technion (Amos Gilboa, Phone: 972-3- 6386216; Fax: 972-3-6874534; e-mail:

4. Medical Student Liability/Malpractice Insurance

After your approval to participate in the International Technion Medical Student Exchange program you will have basic medical-student liability coverage during the dates of your hospital rotation as determined under the guidelines of the Technion and the State of Israel.

5. Please note

  1. The clinical exchange program is restricted for up to 2 months only and no longer.
  2. The application process may take up to 6 weeks and you should plan your arrival
  3. We do not provide accommodation for the most part, but we can do our best to help you settle in. We can provide recommendations and advice to help you find accommodation.
  4. The Faculty is not automatically obligated to accept all applicants.