Dear all,

As the Corona virus continues to spread worldwide, the Technion Faculty of Medicine is trying its best to contribute to the ongoing efforts in reducing domestic and international exposure.

Thus, it has decided to cancel all visiting students taking part in the Faculty Student-Exchange program until further notice.



We all hope that a solution to this health crisis will soon be found and until then, we shall continue to take action to mitigate the impact of the crisis as best as we can.


Best wishes,


Prof. Yaron Har-Shai

Vice dean for Strategic Development



The International Technion Medical Student Exchange Center at the Ruth & Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine approaches medicine from an interdisciplinary approach and invites you to take part in a unique and challenging program to learn first-hand about medicine in Israel. The Technion Faculty of Medicine maintains affiliations with the best teaching hospitals and research centers within the Haifa area and many excellent, top level universities from around the world. You can find some of our affiliated universities in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia.The Intech-Med Center is working not only to maintain its current affiliations, but also seeking to improve and develop relationships with top notch establishments.

Pediatrics Department in Rambam

The International Technion Medical Student Exchange Program is designed for Medical Students in their clinical years ONLY (4th year and above in a 6-year program or 2nd year and above in a 4-year program) and includes an opportunity to learn about global health care systems, observe different medical perspectives and understand new cultural viewpoints.

To apply for an elective you must read the information and guidelines and submit an application.

We wish you success and look forward to meeting you in Israel!


Kishon Park

Managing Staff:


Prof. Yaron Har-Shai

Vice Dean, strategic development

Dr. Robert Lubin

Managing Director,

International Medical Student Exchange Center

Stephanie Shneor

Public Relations Project Manager

Matan Raz


International Medical Student Exchange Center