Upgrade Your Hebrew

Topic English Female Male
The doctor presents him/herself Hello, I am a medical student. Can I ask you some questions? Shalom, ani student le refua. Ani rotze lishol kama she'elot. Same
Patient personal details What is your name? Eikh korim lakh? Eikh korim lekha?
How old are you? Ben kama ata? Ben kama ata?
Marital status Are you married At nesua? Ata nasuy?
Single? Ravaka? Ravak?
Job status Do you work? At ovedet? Ata oved?
Habits that might affect health Do you smoke? At meashenet? Ata meashen?
How many a day? Kama beyom? Kama beyom?
Do you drink alcohol? At shota alcohol? Ata shote alcohol?
Do you do drugs? Mishtameshet be samim? Mishtamesh be samim?
Do you exercise? At osa sport? Ata ose sport?
How many times a week? Kama peamim beshavua? same
Physical examination I want to run some checks. Is it ok? Ani ertze la'asot lakh kama bdikot. Beseder? Ani ertze la'asot lekha kama bdikot. Beseder?
I want to check your blood pressure. Ani ertze livdok lakhatz dam. same
I want to check your pulse. Ani ertze livdok lakh dofek. Ani ertze livdok lekha dofek.
I want to listen to your lungs/heart. Ani ertze lehakshiv lareot/lalev shelakh. Ani ertze lehakshiv lareot/lalev shelkha.
Please lift your shirt up. Bevakasha tarimi et hakhultza. Bevakasha tarim et hakhultza.
I want to feel your stomach. Ani ertze lehargish et habeten shelakh. Ani ertze lehargish et habeten shelkha.
Follow my finger. Ta'akvi akhar haetzba sheli. Ta'akov akhar haetzba sheli.
Can you? At yekhola? Ata yakhol?
Bend over lehitkofef same
cough lehishtael same
sit lashevet same
stand La'amod same
Breath deeply Linshom amok same
Ending greetings That's it zehu same
Thank you very much Toda raba same
You are welcome bevakasha same
  • The letter u = /oo/
  • The letter a = short vowel sound of the letter ā€˜uā€™.
  • In Hebrew, verbs, nouns and adjectives have a feminine and masculine form.