Important Information

Visiting students will take part in supervised rounds, bedside instructions and departmental seminars. They observe most of the professional activities, but due to many restricting conditions, the practical hands-on training is limited to observation alone. The work in the departments/clinics is carried out in Hebrew and wherever possible, the hospital staff will assist the student with language difficulties. Visiting elective students will have the rights, duties and responsibilities similar to those of Technion Faculty of Medicine students but will not hold at any other status at Technion Faculty of Medicine. Each elective application is conducted on an individual basis and the participant is placed in a department or clinic according to his list of preferences.


Elective working hours: 

Sunday – Thursday 08:00-16:00. Requirements of attendance and performance during electives may vary according to the specific department. The student will notify the supervising staff members of the department, the Program’s office on any leave of absence. Unjustified absence during the elective will not be recognized as part of the elective.

Elective / Student’s Exchange,  cannot begin / end on:

Friday, Saturday or during the following National Holidays, when administrative offices are closed and the departments are in minimum staff.
, mainly during August when it is a worldwide vacation time, there are less appointed Medical Procedures, too.

Israel’s National Holidays (weekends included):

Holidays 2018 2019
Rosh Hashanah September 7-11 September 27-October 2
Yom Kippur + Sukkoth     September 18-October 1 October 8-21
Purim March 1-3 March 20-23
Passover            March 30- April 8 April 19-28
Israeli Independence Day April 18-21 May 8-11
Shavuot May 18-20 June 7-10


Immunization Requirements:

According to Israel’s Ministry of Health, All visiting students must provide evidence of immunization. This form must be submitted prior to the start date of elective studies. The required immunizations are: MMR (mumps, measles, rubella), polio, hepatitis B virus (HBV), tetanus-diphtheria, Mantoux, and skin test with PPD (tuberculosis). It is mandatory for elective students to carry valid immunizations documents (in English or Hebrew) during their studies in Israel. Each student must present a hard copy oh his/her immunization log/booklet upon arrival in Haifa. A student without such document will not be accepted to the hospital.

** Download Immunization Requirements form here



The national language is Hebrew. Most staff and many patients speak Arabic or Russian and English. Staff is also fluent in English.



Haifa has a unique climate. On the one side a big part of Haifa is on a mountain, and on the other side Haifa is a water front city. The summer months are hot and humid, so be sure to drink a lot of water. The winter months especially the nights, can be very cool, so bring suitable clothing. Winters are intermittently rainy. 

Haifa Weather

For more information about weather in Haifa: http: //


The local currency is “New Israeli Shekel” (NIS). The rate updated to May 2018 averages 3.60 NIS for $1 US (subject to fluctuation).