Students Reflections

Aviya Lanis- Brown University

“It has been an incredible opportunity to be able to rotate here at the Technion. The organizers, physicians, and students I have had the privilege of meeting have all been extremely welcoming and have made me feel at home in Haifa. While working with the pediatric surgery service at Rambam Hospital, I have been able to see extremely interesting and challenging surgeries while learning at one of the most respected institutions in the country. On weekends I have enjoyed exploring Haifa and the surrounding areas, and I am thankful to the students here who have embraced me as one of their own.”

Dima Shlon- Technion

Went to Brown University

Dima Shlon

“The exchange program was a once in a lifetime experience. Aside from all the fun that I had during that month, I’ve learned a lot from the Surgery of the Alimentary tract rotation; I refined my clinical skills and I got to work in a new and culturally different environment. I’d like to believe that said skills are going to come in handy next year during my internship”

Adam Niemann- University of Michigan

“I truly enjoyed my time working at Ha’Emek. I worked in the Internal Medicine department where I got to see, diagnose and treat many different illnesses, some of which are very different than seen at home. The staff was great to work with and I would go back in a heartbeat if I could!”

Tal Ben-Kiki- Technion

Went to Sydney University

Tal Ben Kiki

“The greatest gift a medical student can receive in his last year of university. I’ve learned a lot about medical education and practice in Sydney. The biggest thing that influenced me is the respectful approach of health care practitioners towards their patients. Besides that, it’s a great place to be and relax.”

Isaac Lopez- Brown University

Isaac Lopez

“If you read about Haifa, you would learn that it is a city distinguished by a remarkable coexistence of many different cultures. At Rambam I regularly heard no fewer than 4 languages each day, witnessed people of different religions and ethnicities working together, and saw excellent care delivered in a culturally sensitive manner. The phrenology department where I worked, was run by an Arab Muslim female physician, had equal numbers of Jewish Israeli and Arab doctors, and even a Palestinian nephrology fellow from the West Bank. To live and work in such a place, however briefly, is to experience firsthand how cultures share and grow together when given the chance. In many ways, disease transcends the individual, and yet the various idiosyncrasies of patients affect both care and outcomes. In addition to the fantastic instruction in nephrology I received that continues to impact my future as a physician, the most important truth I learned during my time in Haifa is that in order for a physician to deliver excellent care to his/her patients, he/she must strive endlessly to experience other cultures.” 

Aleksandra Radzio- Comenius University                                                            Bratislava, Slovakia


“Very well organized! Right upon arrival staff was waiting for me at the hospital to supply me with the hospital ID and a welcome gift. Showed me everything around and provided all the necessary info about the stay. The doctors were very nice and helpful. There was never an issue with me joining an operation room. I saw plenty of incredible surgeries. The doctors were providing information about the surgery whenever asked. Every morning the head of the department was closing a different department for me to work with making the stay more interesting.”

Aaron Shapiro- Brown University

“I couldn’t have asked for a better clinical experience than the one I had through the Technion at Rambam Hospital’s outpatient Immunology clinic. The people I worked with were amazing. I loved eating my way through Haifa with other students and running along the boardwalk as the sun set over the sea. This was a truly wonderful opportunity to learn medicine.”