Affiliated Hospitals

rambam hospital

Rambam Health Care Campus is a 1,000-bed academic hospital serving the over 2 million residents of Northern Israel. Providing comprehensive medical services in all medical specialties, Rambam is the tertiary referral center for 12 district hospitals. Our commitment is to the entire spectrum of patient care, ranging from the best treatments and therapies, to the support of clinical research.

Rambam Health Care Campus was recently ranked as one of the most recommended hospitals in Israel. In addition to the citizens of Northern Israel, Rambam serves the Israel Defense Forces Northern Command, UN Peacekeeping Forces, and the US 6th Fleet. Many of Rambam’s physicians are world renowned in their clinical specialty. Physicians participate in cutting-edge research projects to bring new therapies and treatments not only to their patients, but the greater community of the world

Built in 1967 in the hills of Haifa, the Lady Davis Hospital is part of the modern Carmel Medical Center, and provides comprehensive healthcare to the heterogeneous inhabitants of Haifa, its suburbs and points north. It has outstanding Cardiology, Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery Departments, and a widely-known Community and Medicine Epidemiology Department.

Eleven operating rooms, three of which are part of the day hospital, perform more than 10,000 surgeries a year. Carmel Medical Center Day Hospital is one of the most actives in the north of Israel. In which various operations and treatments are performed in an ambulatory manner.

In addition to the above-mentioned departments, the Medical Center operates a large number of units that treat patients in an ambulatory manner and provide consulting services to the inpatient departments: Infectious Diseases Unit, Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacological Information, Hematology, Lung Disease Unit, Gastroenterology, Oncology and more.

The Pediatric Department operates services in the fields of gastroenterology, neurology, nephrology, infectious diseases in children, and the unit for cystic fibrosis, which coordinates children with severe lung disease from the north.

Another specialty of Carmel Medical Center is in the field of neurological medicine. The Unit for Neuroimmunology coordinates the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis patients from all over the country, and works in cooperation with several leading centers worldwide.

The crowning glory of Carmel Medical Center is the cardiovascular system, one of the leading in the State of Israel.

The division includes:

  • Intensive care unit
  • Cardiology Department
  • The most advanced catheterization institute in Israel in which cardiac catheterization and treatment are performed (balloon extensions and supportive implants).
  • Implantation of pacemakers and other diagnostic activities.
Bnai zion medical center

The Bnai Zion Medical Center, a municipal-governmental hospital, provides excellent medical care combined with a warm and caring touch. There is a great deal of attention to rehabilitation services including orthopedic, neurological, cardio, physical therapy and occupational therapy. This is the only hospital in Northern Israel with a comprehensive rehabilitation program.

Lin medical center is among the leading ambulatory medical facility in Israel. located in the city of Haifa , part of Clalit health services network and affiliated with the Technion faculty of medicine. Over 400 personal working in 35 departments and units take care of more than 500,000 patients annually.

The internal medicine division, the surgical division supported by modern ambulatory operation suits and several centers and units will complete the wide range of medical services given under the same roof. Most of Lin’s physicians are working also in Carmel Medical Center thus enabling optimal continuity of care.

Lin medical center
Hilele yaffe hospital

The hospital currently constitutes a medical center which provides comprehensive medical services on a high level for a broad range of medical problems within the many different areas of specialization. The hospital has approximately 2,000 employees occupied in various skills and professions: doctors, nurses, laboratory assistants, technicians, paramedics, maintenance and service personnel, as well as an administrative staff. All of these people work together like a well-oiled machine, providing the best possible service for people who need it.

As the only hospital and emergency facility in our volatile region, Emek’s reputation as a health provider grew — while never wavering from our guiding philosophy of Coexistence through Medicine.

When man’s inhumanity to man wreaks havoc on our local population, Emek’s mixed ethnic medical staff of Jews and Arabs heroically works shoulder to shoulder saving lives and proving that we are capable of looking after one another.
While the media cameras focus on the carnage, unnoticed people from neighboring Jenin with their children stream to Emek for salvation.

Their untold stories and treatments could fill a medical journal. Emek Medical Center has proven that peaceful coexistence is not as difficult as the extremists would have us believe.